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Jupiter Inlet, Jupiter, FL.

Found ourselves at the Jupiter Inlet in Jupiter, FL. Last time we were there we were photographing the surfers after hurricane Irene. Today we found cute little birdies and beautiful boats. It is a very relaxing area and it really is fun to watch the boats speed in and out of the inlet.

Manatees in Ft. Pierce

Every time we are in Ft. Pierce we stop by the Manatee Observation and Education Center. The last two times we were there we were able to see the manatees. Amazingly enough these were the first times I have ever seen Manatees in my 36 years and I am a native Floridian. I was able to get some pictures of them this time with my lovely Samsung Note II, but I was kinda worried that I was going to drop it in the water with the manatee. Luckily I did not and I am able to share the pictures of this cute “little” manatee.





Indian Riverside Park

Spent some time today walking around Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, FL. There are so many sites to see at this park. From the fountains with all the kids playing in it to the Indian River Lagoon.

You can bring your children here to theĀ Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast or come see the renovated Mansion at Tuckahoe built in 1938.


IMG_1458-250de1e1d23818.jpg IMG_151250de1e1c842d1.jpg IMG_147450de1e1bc0b9f.jpg IMG_144050de1e1ae5d58.jpg Indian Riverside Park


On our walk this morning we saw some beautiful butterflies. I could not resist the urge to take pictures of the beauties.



Sandy has passed, the weather is better here in Florida, and our hearts go out to those up north who felt the full wrath of mother nature. Believe us when we say, we understand, and hope all are well, and life returns to normal fast for you.

The Blooming Water Lillies

White City Park in Ft. Pierce, FL is full of beautiful water lilies that bloom around November or December every year. They were planted there by a lovely lady years and years ago for all of us to enjoy every year.

Loving Florida

Sometimes (ok, many many times) I really love Florida. I also love being a photographer. Shots like this can make a great day even greater.

Florida Bridge with Night Falling.

Baby Bobcat

Looks like we have a new animal to add to the backyard family. Momma bobcat came through a few hours earlier and it looks like baby is learning their way. Not the best picture but I got one.

Bird Photography

Today I had fun taking pictures of a bird. It was nice and posed for me and I was able to get right up to it without it fleeing like they normally do.


Morning Photos

This morning I went out early to take advantage of the cool morning weather in south Florida and see what beauties of nature were out there to photograph. It was amazing to enjoy the cool 94 degree temperature at 8:30am. I was intrigued by this lizard that kept watching and following me around a tree. I decided he must want to pose for me so I took some shots. I love how spontaneous nature can be.