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Um, Muffies?

Ok, I know I’m from a different generation. I’m getting older, I admit that. But come on now! It’s just not right to name muffin tops “muffies”…is it?

Um, Muffies?

Happy LinEaster

Happy LinEaster

Playing with Flash

I was playing with flash and was making a sweet innocent little movie and then Scott made some suggestions and well here you have it.

Hope you enjoy!

Click here for amazing flash movie!

Troll Menu.

This morning Troll Lord Games (@trolllordgames) tweeted the following:

Troll Lord Games needs a breakfast menu.

So I started thinking. Yes they do! And for those who know, follow, or are interested at all with the Trolls, I present:

TrollMenu! – Click the picture for a larger version.

Troll Menu

Troll Menu! Breakfast at Troll Lord Games.