The honesty of animals and nature

I have realized lately that the world is changing to much for my taste. People used to care about others, even just 5 years ago people would stop to help a person out. Now people can’t be bothered to even stop for stop signs or red lights. Something has taken over the good will and want to do the nice thing from people and I wish we as a country could get it back

I have always had a love for animals and nature and I think even more now with the decline of the modern man. Animals are honest and you don’t ever have to wonder if they care for you or what they may want, They will tell you, they will show you, they care for you as long as you treat them right. Nature is beautiful, things work in harmony and together to make things happen. Yes even animals and nature evolve with the changing world but not to the point where they lose their beauty, kindness and normalcy.

I sit here and look at this picture of the lion and see its ever ending beauty, wondering what it is looking at and wondering what it is thinking. Probably just looking at the scenery and the beauty that it loves.(and maybe what it wants to eat next)


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