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Downtown West Palm Beach

We went downtown to check out a location for a shoot coming up and decided to take some pictures of the downtown west palm beach area. I love all the tall buildings and people that are around that area. It was a great place to get a few B&W shots too. Here are some of the photos we took.

The eye in the sky. Big brother watching me watch them watching me.

The Urban Jungle of Downtown West Palm Beach.

A unique sign found on Clematis St.

Dining along Clematis








Hidden Palm







Downtown West Palm Beach



Richard Petty Driving Experience

Scott has recently started a new freelance position at PBG Lifestyle Magazine in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and got to spend his day on Tuesday photographing the Richard Petty Experience in Orlando, FL.

There were some beautiful cars there and he got some amazing shots of them. Here are a few of the shots he took.


Article for DigitalCamFan

We have been asked to do a write-up with photos for a new column featured on DigitalFanCam’s website Go check out the website, and the facebook at It’s all about Learn By Doing for photography. Learn some stuff, have fun, and look for our article in the coming weeks!

Plane Silhouette

Black and White shot of a stunt plane shot at the Stuart Air Show silhouetted against the sky.

Free Photo Sessions

We are offering free photo sessions and digital copies (prints not included) from pets to weddings and everything in-between to help grow our business and get our name out there.If you or anyone you know could use a free photo session in South or Central Florida please contact us on our company Facebook, or our website.

Thank you.

The Blooming Water Lillies

White City Park in Ft. Pierce, FL is full of beautiful water lilies that bloom around November or December every year. They were planted there by a lovely lady years and years ago for all of us to enjoy every year.