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The One Ring

I call this shot, “The one Ring to rule them all”. If you are not a fan of the fantasy genre, you may not enjoy the full meaning of this, but if you are not married…well then, you most certainly won’t either.


The one Ring to rule them all!

Facebook Profile Pics

Have Facebook? Have the new timeline layout? Look at that profile picture (the small square one lower left of the timeline picture). Is it blurry? Yeah, I hate that too!

Finally got tired of the blurry image for the profile picture. Facebook changes it’s sizing and picture handling and may or may not ever tell you. If yours is blurry, instead of letting Facebook crop a square, crop one yourself at 200 x 200 px and hopefully your results will be better than letting it attempt to figure it all out by itself. Hopefully.

While on the subject, the timeline cover photo size is 851 x 315 px. Make one the exact size for yourself, and it will fit perfectly without adjusting.

Hope it helps!

Army Airborne

Army Airborne at the Stuart Airshow, Stuart, FL.

Airborne from the Stuart Airshow, Stuart, FL.


Colors. Sometimes they mix so well, you just have to take a moment and enjoy. Or, you can take a photograph and keep it forever.

Colors for the Eye to enjoy.

Loving Florida

Sometimes (ok, many many times) I really love Florida. I also love being a photographer. Shots like this can make a great day even greater.

Florida Bridge with Night Falling.

Learning the HTML

I am currently working on finishing my Bachelors Degree in Graphics/Web Design and am taking a class on learning the HTML behind the design.

It is great having more control over the design and functions of the websites you create. We soon will be incorporating CSS into our sites so we can control a lot of different aspects with the same CSS code.

I have sure learned that you have to get it all right or it does not work! I have done things over and over again because I forget to close some things. Forgetting one little >  can cause 27 other errors. It sure is fun.

Beautiful Florida Day

The storms have passed and the rains have stopped here in Florida and the weather is beautiful once again!