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Happy Madden Day!

Today is Madden 13 today. The Dolphins won in this house tonight against the Broncos. The game must be broken.

Baby Bobcat

Looks like we have a new animal to add to the backyard family. Momma bobcat came through a few hours earlier and it looks like baby is learning their way. Not the best picture but I got one.

Animals have been added

We have added animals to our webpage. Come take a look.
Let us capture your pets image today!

The little chihuahua

I had a fun time taking a picture of Charlie the little chihuahua. He was very curious and tried to lick my lens right after this shot.


Bird Photography

Today I had fun taking pictures of a bird. It was nice and posed for me and I was able to get right up to it without it fleeing like they normally do.


Website Live

Redesign of a client website including new logo, live today.
Take a look at the new site.

Self Portraits

While on a search for new and exciting outdoor areas to shoot portraits, we ended up getting a few of ourselves. The park was pretty and we may end up using some parts of it for family shots, we will have to see.

We are on Facebook!

We have added a Facebook page for our business. Come take a look and let all your friends know.

Come check out our new Facebook page!

Morning Photos

This morning I went out early to take advantage of the cool morning weather in south Florida and see what beauties of nature were out there to photograph. It was amazing to enjoy the cool 94 degree temperature at 8:30am. I was intrigued by this lizard that kept watching and following me around a tree. I decided he must want to pose for me so I took some shots. I love how spontaneous nature can be.