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Cycling Magazine Cover Mockup

I have worked up a mockup of a magazine cover featuring a cycling event in Stuart, Fl that we had a fun day photographing.

Batman2 – Lego Style

I have a strange feeling I might lose my wife for a long time today and for a few days even.

Still not sure how this Batman2 Lego game is going to be, but if it’s anything like the first Batman Lego game she played…well, she loved that thing and actually finished it.

I guess that’s why we pre-ordered this one. And picked it up the day it came out. Yeah, she’s pretty excited.

Maybe we’ll get a review out of her if there is time after the massive playing. There is an ‘after’ with the massive playing right?

Honey? Sweety?

Damn Batdude.

Treasure Coast Cycling

Sunday we went to the Treasure Coast Cycling race in downtown Stuart, FL. The speed and endurance these bikers had was amazing. It was a great experience to see.