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Nikon D5100

I started using the Nikon D5100 a  couple of months ago and it has some fun features. My normal camera I use is the Nikon D90 and I am extremely happy with it.  The D5100 has a 16.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor and 1080p video and the D90 has a 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor and 720p video.

The D90 has two control wheels for control of the aperture and shutter speed.  The D5100 also has the ability to adjust the aperture and shutter speed but only has one control wheel that you have to hold a button down to switch between aperture and shutter speed.

The D5100 has effect controls that allow you to create color sketches out of your photos or select up to 3 colors for the camera to process and the rest of the picture is black and white.

The D5100 is a great camera especially for beginners who want to get into the DSLR world and the 16.2 MP CMOS is great but I still prefer the ease and speed of the controls on the D90 for getting that quick shot.

Um, Muffies?

Ok, I know I’m from a different generation. I’m getting older, I admit that. But come on now! It’s just not right to name muffin tops “muffies”…is it?

Um, Muffies?

2012 Digital Media Design Show

At this years Digital Media Design Show we won first and second places for our photography.  It is wonderful to see that other people like our photography that we love taking so much.

Logo for RPG Company

Check out the new logo we just created for a new RPG company Polyhedron Games.

We also created the cover logo for one of the products by Polyhedron Games.




Photography Competition at College.

I entered 2 pictures into a competition at the college. The one below, and the one that makes up the top banner here on the blog of the bridge at night. Now I’m sure I won’t win anything, because as always it’s a popularity contest, not a photography contest…but, it’s good to get your stuff out and in front of as many people as possible. That’s the name of the game. Not sure that even makes sense, but here you are for your viewing.

February 7th Photo. February of Photos.

Happy LinEaster

Happy LinEaster

Full Moon

Tonight the moon was full and beautiful and we decided to take some pictures.  It is amazing all the details you can see from Earth.