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Playing with Flash

I was playing with flash and was making a sweet innocent little movie and then Scott made some suggestions and well here you have it.

Hope you enjoy!

Click here for amazing flash movie!

Gary Con IV

We had a wonderful time again this year at Garycon in Lake Geneva, WI.  It is always fun to be able to connect with people who also have the love of gaming and spending time celebrating Gary Gygax for what he contributed to so many peoples lives.

Scott and I had the pleasure of playing Original D&D with Tim Kask and his unforgettable 11 and a half foot polar bears.

11 and a half foot polar bears

Check out Eldritch Enterprises, the new company put together by Tim Kask, James Ward, Frank Mentzer and Christopher Clark. They have some great new products that we picked up at the convention.

We picked up the new Marvel RPG by Margaret Weis and even had her sign it! We can’t wait to try this one out.

Marvel RPG

Journey to Gary Con IV

Our journey to Gary Con this year started at the not so bright and early time of 2:30am.  We left out of Ft. Lauderdale and had to drive 2hrs down there.  We arrived on time and found the long term parking which was not as hard as we thought it may be.  Amazingly security went quite easily and no extra attention by the TSA.

We flew from Ft. Lauderdale to the Atlanta airport which is always insane but got lucky that we arrived and departed form terminal A so not too much running this time.






Aside from being extremely tired from the early rising we made it to Milwaukee uneventfully.

Adobe Edge Preview

Got the new Adobe Edge Preview today.  Been playing around with it and if you know flash it is pretty straight forward.  It is a wonderful way to make Flash type animations in a non Flash way.

I can’t wait to see this take over for Flash.  It would be great to be able to use that type of animation on all devices.


Download Adobe Edge Preview

Adobe Lightroom 4

Downloaded the new Lightroom 4 today.  There are so many new features to it from Highlight and Shadow recovery, photo-books and some really cool new video editing options.

I love video so the ability to edit video and to trim video in this new version is my favorite feature.  The highlight and shadow feature gives you great editing abilities to bring out skies and lighten shadows in the same image.  And with the new brush tool you don’t have to apply the same edit to the whole photo.


Check out the new features here

New Client Site Live

New client website live today. Not only is he a great eye doctor but a great client to work with as well.  I couldn’t recommend a better eye doctor.

Dr. Goldberg’s Office Website